Off-Broadway Signless • What's This? (From The Nightmare Before Christmas)

What’s This? (From The Nightmare Before Christmas)

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"What’s This?" from The Nightmare Before Christmas
sung by Broadway Signless
lyrics by Dreatron

What’s this? What’s this?
There’s colour everywhere
What’s this
There’re trolls without a care
What’s this?
I can’t believe my eyes
I must be dreaming
Wake up now, this isn’t fair
What’s this?

What’s this? What’s this?
There’s something very wrong
What’s this?
There’s castes’ getting along

What’s this?
This place is filled with
trolls of all types laughing
Everybody seems so happy
Have I possibly gone daffy?
What is this?
What’s this?

There are lowbloods hugging highbloods
No blood is being shed
They’re all coexisting
And for the most part no one’s dead

There’s fairness in the world now
Oh, I can’t believe my eyes
And in my heart I feel the warmth
That’s coming from inside

Oh, look
What’s this?
They’re writing a memo, they plan
but what is a memo, Inspired
They’re gathering around to hear an idea
Where they didn’t have one prior
What’s this?

What’s this?
In here they’ve got a small horn pile, how queer
And who would ever think
And why?
They’re sitting in it and sharing little things
They’ve got flushed feelings and flings
And there’s a smile on everyone
So, now, correct me if I’m wrong
This looks like fun
This looks like fun
Oh, could it be I got my wish?
What’s this?

Oh my, what now?
Trolls try to fall asleep
But look, there’s one baring his teeth
No rest, no shuteye hare to taunt or scare them
Or ensnare them, they must heed these silly things
Because he is their leader
What’s this?

The pail drones are all missing
Cruel highbloods can’t be found
And in their place there seems to be
Good feeling all around

Instead of screams, I swear
I can hear music in the air
Except at one point but
I do not know what happened there

The sights, the sounds
They’re everywhere and all around
I’ve never felt so good before
This empty place inside of me is filling up
I simply cannot get enough

I want it, oh, I want it
Oh, I want it for my own
I’ve got to know
I’ve got to know
What is this place that I have found?
What is this? 
What a dream, hmm… 

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